DSU Organised a Conference on ‘Student Organizations and Conflicting Ideologies’

The Dalit Students’ Union (DSU), University of Hyderabad organised a Conference on the ‘Student Organisations and Conflicting Ideologies’, as part of its fifteenth anniversary celebrations during the academic year 2011-2012 on February 24, 2012 at School of Humanities Auditorium, University of Hyderabad. Mr L M Lyngdoh, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India was the Chief Guest. The Session was Chaired by Mr Sareen Chatla, Assistant Professor, Department of Film Studies, English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad. Various student organisation leaders took formal participation and presented their organisation’s version of ‘Ideology’.

This was a grand success event during this academic year.

Please see the below poster for full details of the event.

Poster for DSU Conference on Student Organisations


University Student Organisations on December 06, 2013 at Hyderabad

In the Modern Indian Political History December 06 has got its own political significance, due to the death anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar and demolition of Babri Masijid by the Right Wing Hindutva forces. All the major political actors in the political sphere reflects these two incidents every year in one way or the other. And, student organisations are no exception in reflection of the  same. The below visuals testifies the same. The below events were planned by various student organisations suiting their political ideologies/political reflections, in tune with the December 06 historicity.

University of Hyderabad Bahujan Students' Front (BSF) on Dec 06, 2013
University of Hyderabad Bahujan Students’ Front (BSF) on Dec 06, 2013
Osmania University Bahujan Students' Federation (BSF) & Madiga Student Organisations...
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University of Hyderabad BSF on Ambedkar's Political Significance...
University of Hyderabad BSF on Ambedkar’s Political Significance…