Moral University Convocation

A few years back, a predominant Scheduled Caste (SC) group and organisation at the University of Hyderabad Campus begun to perceive me as a threat to their ‘Caste and Organisation’. As a result, they started to brand me as an ‘Anti-Dalit’ and propagated in such a manner to a few Non-Telugu Dalits, who begun to believe the same.

I came to know about this process and incident a bit late.

On one day, a Non-Telugu SC Doctoral Research Scholar from Political Science started to behave with me in an unusual manner, due to this believed (mis)belief as an ‘anti-Dalit’, without expressing the same in full-fledged form.

Surprisingly, on another midnight, we both encountered each other while walking on the University Campus. This gentleman was thoroughly drunken. As a result, he was able to open his feeling against me as ‘anti-Dalit’, albeit in a little polite manner. But, I was able to guess the sense.

The result was – at length discussion, deliberation, debate, explanation followed. Even then, there was no change in his mindset.

After returning to my hostel room – I pondered over about this guy’s perception towards me and more. At last, I felt pity for his inability to understand ‘what constitutes Political Discourse – why and how’, even after having highest qualification in the academic discipline and exposure to a particular Political Society and System for more than a decade!!??

As a final moral resort, I conducted ‘Moral Reserve University Convocation’ in my heart as Chancellor of the University and repealed his awarded academic qualification in the Political Science discipline for his inability to sustain scientific temper in the pursuit of the Subject!!


Senior Political Journalists on Andhra Pradesh Politics and Media

Recently, I have come across a few prominent Telugu Journalists Interviews on YouTube: IDream Channel. The first interview was with Kommineni Srinivasa Rao, the second was with Inganti Venkata Rao, and the third was with Devulapalli Amar. These three journalists are senior most journalists and senior in age too. These three interviews were part of IDream Channel’s ‘Indian Political League’ and ‘Talking Politics’ programmes.

While Kommineni Srinivasa Rao was highly critical about Telugu Desam Party (TDP) led Government in Andrha Pradesh under the leadership of Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Inganti Venkata Rao was not that much critical towards the same government. Inganti Venkata Rao’s interview is very lengthy and touched upon many aspects starting with his professional career innings and related events, etc. Devulapalli Amar shared views about media and political history during his journalistic career.

I consider these interviews as worth watchable for better understanding about the Andhra Pradesh politics from certain ‘inside perspective’.

Kommineni Srinivasa Rao (KSR) Full Interview || Indian Political League (IPL) With iDream

Senior Editor Inuganti Venkat Rao Exclusive Interview || Talking Politics With iDream

Sr.Journalist Devulapalli Amar Exclusive Interview || Talking Politics With iDream