On July 02, 2016 at Lamakaan – An Open Cultural Space, located near to the Banjara Hills, Hyderabad hosted the Book Release of Ms Rana Ayyub’s ‘Gujarat Files: Anatomy of A Cover Up‘.

This book is all about 2012 Gujarat Carnage against the Muslims, which was reported as a retaliation against to the burning of train at Godhra. Ms Rana undertook this Investigative Journalism on behalf of Tehelka News Agency. After successful completion of this Investigative Journalism by Ms Rana; Tehelka declined to expose to the outer public about this Investigative Journalism’s results. This made Ms Rana highly upset. As a result, after careful examination of various factors from various dimensions the Author cum Journalist Ms Rana Ayyub released the results of the Investigative Journalism results in the present work entitled ‘Gujarat Files: Anatomy of A Cover Up‘.

The present Book release event was organised by the All India Students’ Association (AISA) at the above mentioned date and venue.

I attended this event as per the schedule. Some of the photographs captured on this occasion are as follows;