The University of Hyderabad Vice Chancellor Prof Appa Rao Podile has banned through Order ‘display of improper material’ on the University Campus. The Order in this respect was issued through the University Register’s Office. Please see the below picture for the same.

Prof Appa Rao's Circular

The increased activism of the students and other groups of the University after the death of Mr Rohit Vemula led Prof Appa Rao to issue this Order. We can observe the comments / response written with a pen on the Poster. This comment also speaks a lot against Prof Appa Rao. Though the comment was highly derogatory, such comments became a routine on the Campus after the death of Mr Rohit. After issue of this Order the University was successful enough in removing the tents at the University Shopping Complex after the death of Rohit. There was a little dissent voice from the students when the tents were removed.

After the death of Rohit many University building walls were painted with activism inclined towards justice towards Rohit and at the same time defaming Prof Appa Rao, who was accused as one of the prime responsible person behind the death of Rohit. Below is a sample picture of a wall on the University Campus;

On School of Social Science Wall

SSS Building Covered with White Paint

Please compare these two pictures. After observing these two pictures one can observe that the defacing of the walls / activism in favor of justice for Rohit symbols were erased by the University by re-painting the walls.


Anyhow, there were dissent voices against this Order of Prof Appa Rao Podile. For instance the University SC / ST Teachers Forum released a strong response against this Order of Prof Appa Rao, accusing of maintaining double standards. Please see the below response of the SC / ST Teachers Forum;

SC and ST Teachers Forum Response

We can clearly observe how the response of the SC / ST Teachers Forum is released. It’s placed just above the Order of the Register’s Office, which was released based on the Orders of the Vice Chancellor Prof Appa Rao Podile.

Similarly, the University Students’ Union too released another Poster which was submitted to the University Register, objecting ban on the entry of ‘Outsiders’. Please see the below Poster for the same;

SU RepresentationSU Representation 2

This two page Poster clears continuing dissent against the Vice Chancellor Prof Appa Rao Podile. And, interestingly this representation is forwarded to the Registrar, but not to the Vice Chancellor Prof Appa Rao Podile!!