The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), University of Hyderabad Unit undertook ‘Tiranga Yatra’, on April 11, 2016. This Yatra was initiated to express solidarity towards the ‘Mainstream Indian Students Victimisation’ at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar Campus.

ABVP Triranga Yatra

The NIT Srinagar Campus issue happened between the ‘Mainstream Indian Students’ and local students’, which caught national attention. This incident was related to local Kashmiri students favouring in applause; over Indian Cricket team losing toss to another foreign team while watching cricket match together at their Campus hostel/s. The ‘Mainstream Indian Students’ objected to this attitude of local Kashmiri students and seen such an approach as equal to ‘Anti-National’. As a result, a scuffle took place between the ‘Mainstream Indian Students’ and local students. As per various political commentators the NIT Srinagar Campus administration failed to handle the situation efficiently.

While to the persons like me, the attitude of the local Kashmiri students is not a surprise!  I had been listening about the Kashmiri people’s agony or/and dislike towards the Indian government on various print and private conversations. The ‘Kashmiri problem’ is a stubble political issue which Indian polity and subsequent governments have been failing to address in an amicable way.

Since ABVP is a political outfit, primarily affiliated towards the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in my view its cadre and leadership should ponder over finding a political solution to this persisting pertinent problems. Without considering and deliberating on political options for resolve, just evoking national sentiments like this kind of ‘Triranga Yatra’ will not help in a larger interest of the nation, in my view. Because the attitude and activities of some sections of the Muslims are well-known, especially in the region of Kashmir. In such a case, what is the use of undertaking this kind of Yatras?

Same time, I’m not too seriously faulting the  ABVP cadre and members for participation in this sort of activity. Because, in my view, participation in political activity is a much more scared business than remaining silent. But, not changing political attitudes even after having exposure to various forms of ‘political debates and strands’, and grounding to a single way is an incorrect political option. The art of politics requires dynamic attitude, not static in action and thinking. Hence, let’s hope, the enthusiastic ABVP participants in this Yatra will have better understanding towards various strands of ‘nationalism’ and ‘anti-national’ attitudes and arrive at concrete options on how to resolve problems like the Kashmiri’s.


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