Dalit Students’ Union (DSU), University of Hyderabad celebrated its Fifteen Years Celebrations on the University Campus on April 05, 2012 at Dr B R Ambedkar Auditorium. The Poster released for this occasion can be observed in the following manner.

DSU 15th Anniversary Poster

And, some of the photos of the Day are as follows:


Dais of the Day…
DSC00106 DSC00107 DSC00108 DSC00109 DSC00110 DSC00111 DSC00112 DSC00113 DSC00118 DSC00119 DSC00123 DSC00124 DSC00125 DSC00127 DSC00128 DSC00130 DSC00131 DSC00132 DSC00133 DSC00134 DSC00135 DSC00136 DSC00137 DSC00139 DSC00141 DSC00143 DSC00144 DSC00146 DSC00148 DSC00149 DSC00152 DSC00157 DSC00158 DSC00160


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