Tollywood is ranking as one of the major predominant film industry in India, next only to the national Bollywood, on various vital parameters, like production of high number of films annually, etc. But then again, some of the high level profile professional film personalities are critiquing it on various parameters, like failing to maintain high level professionalism, lack of proper film education among the persons involved in its business, etc.

The art of movie making requires and involves some of the sophisticated collaborative exercises of creative individuals from diverse fields like from camera, videography, acting, technical, direction, etc, in-addition to involvement of huge financial resources.  And, the basic motto behind this entire gang’s exercise would be to enthuse audience in such a way that the audience invariably ‘believe an illusionary creativity’ for sure and relate such an illusion in their lives in one way or the other!! Basically, upper echelons of the society entered this ‘illusory creative filed’ and established themselves in various modes. As such, certain type of hegemony started to creep into the tollywood industry with the passage of time. It is basically observed that the Kamma community was one of the major hegemonic community in this sector, in the first phase, later-on Kapu community entered and established certain hold in the fray. Thus, these two communities are said to be the leading hegemonic sections in the present day tollywood. These two communities are represented by some of its ‘big powerful families’, which established hold in various modes over the industry.

The saddest side of this hegemonic tendency is resulting in blocking the other’s entry into this ‘sophisticated illusory creative world’, with the hold of the  industrial resources, like television, film marketing spaces & ventures, hold of notable film theaters, etc. Apart from this blockade, we can also observe improper knowledgeable persons entry into this industry, primarily as hero’s, etc from ‘big hegemonic families’. Most of the present generation entrants into the tollywood from ‘big families’ are failing to put-in proper pre-required home-works, like getting proper degree from acting schools, etc, while at the same time opportunities to the well deserving candidates with proper qualifications are side-tracked!!

There is also certain kind of clear observable nexus between the Andhra Pradesh political scenario and the tollywood. The above two hegemonic communities are having predominant hold in the political sway. Thus the societal and political hegemonic sphere was also getting embedded into the professional market economic spheres!! One of the possible way-out to these kinds of hegemonic tendencies would be to wait for further percolation of democratic values among the persons involved in this sector or the governments should initiate stringent steps to democratize this industrial space. We are presently hoping that the present bifurcation of the United Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh would certainly provide a positive atmosphere in the state of Telangana and in future the same may get reflected in the state of Andhra Pradesh in one form or the other!!


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