Mr Krupakar Madiga was one among the active founder members of Madiga Reservation Poratha Samithi (MRPS) during the first half of the 1990’s decade. But, in due course of time MRPS splintered into innumerable groups and Mr Manda Krishna Madiga’s led MRPS has been unofficially recognized as an active group due to various factors.

Mr Krupakar Madiga is one of most vocal representative against Manda Krishna Madiga’s led MRPS section along with many other dissenters who broke away parts at various points of time.

At the end of November, 2014 Telangana Assembly passed a resolution and forwarded to the Indian Government / Indian Parliament that appropriate measures should be initiated in favor of Categorization of Scheduled Castes Reservation with respect to Telangana. In-fact, such a resolution has been unanimously passed in 2004 by the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and subsequently Usha Mehra Committee / Commission was appointed at national level, but no subsequent actions were initiated by the Government of India!! But, due to the changed political situations, like carving of a new state of Telangana seemed to have made Telangana Assembly to pass such a resolution along with taking into consideration many other factors.

Taking cue from the Telangana Assembly’s resolution Mr Krupakar Madiga is moving steps to press the Government of Andhra Pradesh headed by Mr Nara Chandra Babu Naidu to initiate such measures like the one moved the Telangana Government. In respect, his released the following pamphlets / posters.

Krupakar Madiga's Flex Banner
Krupakar Madiga’s Flex Banner
Krupakar Madiga's Pamphlet 1
Krupakar Madiga’s Pamphlet 1
Krupakar Madiga's Pamphlet 2
Krupakar Madiga’s Pamphlet 2

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