Dr Pasunoori Ravinder is one of the vocal Telugu literary personality from the Telangana State. He obtained his Doctorate in Telugu Literature from the Department of Telugu, University of Hyderabad. He grew up in Marxist political environment and later-on understood the nuances of ‘caste’, as a basic critique towards the understanding of ‘Indian society and political discourse’, and limitations towards the application of Marxism to the Indian context. Hence, his writings reflect vigor and rigor from these perspectives, as observed by many scholars.

Recently, he released a Book on Dalit Short Stories, which was titled as ‘Out of Coverage Area’. Different sources pointed out that the book high-lights the nuances of caste as faced by dalits in everyday urban life. Thus, the book is a significant contribution to the dalit writing from urban discrimination perspective.

The following is the information pertaining to his book release:

Pasunoori Ravinder's Book Release
Pasunoori Ravinder’s Book Release

Note: Source of the picture is from Dr Pasunoori Ravinder’s facebook.


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