The Government of India appointed S Fazal Ali on December 23, 1953 to lead the Commission on States Re-Organisation and submit a Report . The Commission submitted its Report in 1955. So, the Report is named as ‘Report of the States Re-organisation Commission, 1955’. The other members of the Commission included – H N Kunzru & K M Panikkar.

The State of Andhra Pradesh was the first state formed as per the provisions of this Commission’s Report in 1956. And, again the State of Andhra Pradesh posed further challenges by voicing its vociferous demand for separation during 1969 Telangana Movement and 1970’s Jai Andhra Movement. In the light of the renewed demands and voices for the separate Telangana state from the year 2001 on-wards, especially with the establishment of Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS), the significance of this Report again got prominence. But, most of the people were unable to find a soft copy of this Report over cyber space for all these years. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India recently updated over its website this Commission’s Report. So, I’m uploading a copy of the same for wider public utility. Please have a glance at the Report by looking at below link:

Report of the States Re-Organisation Commission, 1955


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