While pursuing my Bachelor of Arts (B.A.,) course at Andhra Loyola College (ALC) with specializations in English Literature, History and Political Science; had a unique experience with a set of two faculty members for one of the prominent academic disciplines. Both these faculty members were good personally and were highly committed to their academic profession. In-fact, all the students’ in my class/batch admired them for their commitment towards the profession and concern towards the students’. I’m sure most of the students must have had been admiring them over the years.

The funniest thing which we – as the students observed and remember for ever silently is; while one faculty was too ‘idealistic’, the other was very ‘practical in nature and outlook’!! While the ‘idealistic faculty member’ used to take classes from the first year on-wards, the ‘practical outlook faculty’ used to teach us for second year. And, both of them, used to teach together for the final year as per my memory.

The ‘idealistic faculty’ was well qualified in terms of academic qualifications than his ‘practical outlook colleague’. But, the ‘idealistic faculty’ without any hesitation used to acknowledge the academic caliber of his ‘practical outlook colleague’, which is a positive sign.

Interestingly, the ‘practical outlook faculty’ seemed to have observed over the years that his ‘idealistic colleague’ was infusing (either intentionally or unintentionally, due to his academic immaturity) altogether one fundamentally wrong perception towards the understanding of the discipline, to the students. But, the ‘practical outlook faculty’ seemed to have never argued about this as a matter of professional etiquette with his ‘idealistic colleague’!!

How the ‘practical outlook faculty’ used to deal with this entire episode is altogether interesting forever to remember and appreciate!! After receiving students during second year of B.A., the ‘practical outlook faculty’ used to intentionally test, question, probe and dispel slowly how we developed/understood/constructed/imbibed one fundamentally wrong perception towards the understanding of the academic discipline; silently without pointing figure towards his ‘idealistic colleague’!! Thus, we were saved, if we were prudent enough to visualize his logical reasoning!!