Anvesh Centre for Women’s Research, Hyderabad has conducted a Fact Finding Study on the unfortunate death (suicide) of University of Hyderabad’s Integrated Post Graduate Student Mr Pulyala Raju, who hanged himself in March, 2013.

This Report can be accessed here; Report of the Fact Finding Committee on Suicide of P. Raju, HCU

Courtesy: This Report was forwarded by Dr Suneetha Achyuta, to the Dalit Information and Education Trust (DIET) group mail on August 14, 2013. Dr Suneetha Achyuta is a Senior Researcher at Anveshi Centre for Women’s Studies & she was also a former student at the University of Hyderabad.

This same report can also be found on the Anveshi website at this link Fact Finding Report of the investigation of the suicide of P. Raju, a student.

In the wake of repeated suicide records at University of Hyderabad, this Report sounds to have some relevance, apart from University’s Internal Reports, which were not made public all the time or not all made public so far.


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