The 55th Annual Indian Political Science Association Conference was scheduled at University of Madras during December 20-22, 2013 was rescheduled at Hyderabad during December 28-30, 2013. As part of this Conference I’m scheduled to present a Paper entitled ‘The Contours of Caste and Religion: An Analysis of Hindutva Ideology and Politics in India’. The abstract of this Paper is as follows;

Historically, India developed a peculiar social system since times immemorial, based on various notions, and most of such notions got reflected in the Caste and Religious dimensions. Such notions had profound impact on the public and political spheres over the years. Indian political system had been trying to grapple with all such notions even before independence and after independence. In this scenario, the emergence of ‘constructive’ Hindutva political ideology is bringing new contours to the Indian political democratic process. The successful electoral results of the Hindutva in various forms, based on its assertion and timely contestations over its ideological matrixes is the base of the present paper. This paper traces out the ideological genealogy of the Hindutva over the years and its contours in the Indian liberal democratic secular political system.


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