Centre for Dalit Studies, Hyderabad Fact Finding Report on Madali Venkatesh Suicide

The Centre for Dalit Studies, Hyderabad has carried out a public hearing on the suicide of Mr Madali Venkatesh at University of Hyderabad. The same details were released to the media. Please see the below News Report on this this from T-Media source.

T Media on Venkatesh
T Media on Venkatesh. 

BSF UoH Poster on Jyotiba Phule Birth Day

The Bahujan Students’ Front (BSF) at University of Hyderabad released the following Poster on the occasion of Jyotiba Phule Birth Day and claimed him as the Father of the Indian Nation!!

BSF UoH Jyotiba Phule Birth Day Poster
BSF UoH Jyotiba Phule Birth Day Poster. 

Photo courtesy from UoH BSF facebook page.

Continued Responses to Suicide of Madali Venkatesh at University of Hyderabad

Various quarters of the society, like the University of Hyderabad Student organisations and Andhra Pradesh media have continued to keep up their responses to the unfortunate suicide of the Madali Venkatesh, a Dalit Research Scholar. Some of such responses are as follows;

ASA Poster
Dr B R Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) sensitization Poster
ASA's Full-fledged Response
Dr B R Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) Full-fledged Response
BSF on Suicides
Bahujan Students’ Front (BSF) on Suicides
Students' Union Condolence Meeting
University Students’ Union, the official elected Student body call for Condolence Meeting
Namaste Telangana Report on Venkatesh Suicide
Namaste Telangana Report on Venkatesh Suicide, dated November 25, 2013.
ASA Condolence Meet on November 25, 2013 at Shopping Complex, Main Campus
ASA Condolence Meet on November 25, 2013 Evening at Shopping Complex, Main Campus. Photo Courtesy: Prameela KP from Facebook.com
Madali Venkatesh's Representation to the UoH VC
Madali Venkatesh’s Representation to the UoH VC. Courtesy: 



Anveshi Women’s Research Centre ‘Fact Finding Report on Pulyala Raju’s Suicide’

Anvesh Centre for Women’s Research, Hyderabad has conducted a Fact Finding Study on the unfortunate death (suicide) of University of Hyderabad’s Integrated Post Graduate Student Mr Pulyala Raju, who hanged himself in March, 2013.

This Report can be accessed here; Report of the Fact Finding Committee on Suicide of P. Raju, HCU

Courtesy: This Report was forwarded by Dr Suneetha Achyuta, to the Dalit Information and Education Trust (DIET) group mail on August 14, 2013. Dr Suneetha Achyuta is a Senior Researcher at Anveshi Centre for Women’s Studies & she was also a former student at the University of Hyderabad.

This same report can also be found on the Anveshi website at this link Fact Finding Report of the investigation of the suicide of P. Raju, a student.

In the wake of repeated suicide records at University of Hyderabad, this Report sounds to have some relevance, apart from University’s Internal Reports, which were not made public all the time or not all made public so far.

Death of Madari Venkatesh at University of Hyderabad

On November 24, 2013 a new death of a Dalit Doctoral Research Scholar was found at the University of Hyderabad. As per my personal observation for every semester one death is getting recorded at the University of Hyderabad and huge criticism is taking place every time from different quarters. Presently also, different student organisations from the University of Hyderabad Campus reacted to this in the following manner;

BSF on M Venkatesh's Death
BSF on M Venkatesh’s Death
ASA's Response Towards Madari Venkatesh Death
ASA’s Response Towards Madari Venkatesh Death
SFI's Response on Venkatesh's Death
SFI’s Response on Venkatesh’s Death








Andhra Jyothy ABN Telugu Television Channel Report –

The New Indian Express Online-Report;

Hyderabad University PhD student commits suicide


Published: 24th November 2013 05:16 PM

Last Updated: 24th November 2013 05:16 PM

A PhD student of Hyderabad University allegedly committed suicide by consuming some poisonous substance in his hostel room, with his family alleging that he was harassed by a professor of the varsity.

M Venkatesh (26), a research scholar, consumed some poisonous substance around midnight last night and was found dead by some students at around 7 AM today, police said based on preliminary investigation.

According to his friends, Venkatesh, resorted to the extreme step as he was “worried over non-allotment of a guide” for the past few months, Chandnagar police inspector N Vasu said.

Some relatives of Venkatesh held a protest outside a private hospital alleging he was harassed by a professor of the varsity and demanded justice.

A post-mortem was conducted following which Venkatesh’s body was handed over to his parents, the inspector said, adding that further investigations were on.

The student was a native of Ibrahimpatnam from neighbouring Ranga Reddy district.

Courtesy Link: http://newindianexpress.com/cities/hyderabad/Hyderabad-University-PhD-student-commits-suicide/2013/11/24/article1908614.ece?utm_content=buffer959ff&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=Buffer

Here is a link on a write-up composed by Mr Chapparban Sajaudeen Nijamodeen (Shuja), Research fellow at the Center of Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad.Life was Beautiful…: A Dalit Student Ends his Life on the suicide of Mr Venkatesh Madari. (accessed on November 25, 2013).

The Times of India Report on the Suicide of Mr Venkatesh Madari is as follows;

UoH ignored panel recommendations

,TNN | Nov 25, 2013, 03.38 AM IST

HYDERABAD: Authorities at University of Hyderabad are yet to implement key recommendations by two separate committees looking into suicides of students from socially backward sections on campus, student leaders said, on a day another student from a marginalized section took his life.

M Venkatesh, a student at the Advanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material, killed himself by consuming poison in the hostel room, after authorities allegedly failed to give him a guide.

In 2008, a committee (headed by Prof Vinod Pavarala Committee) probing the suicide of Senthil Kumar, a Dalit student from the School of Physics, had recommended the varsity to set up a “transparent process” in the allotment of guides. Another committee (headed by Prof V Krishna) set up this year to probe the suicide of Pulyala Raju, another Dalit student from Integrated MA course, had identified the need to implement measures to reduce the “estrangement and dissatisfaction” faced by students of marginalized sections. Prof Krishna committee, which was set up in August this year, had also recommended that the university adopt “greater sensitivity measures” to protect the interests of students.

While both committees had suggested setting up of grievance redressal cell in all departments to look into alleged harassment of students, the university has failed to do the same.

Prof Pavarala committee had also recommended a strong mentoring and advisory system to “hand-hold” students, a system which is not in place in UoH as of now.

“The fact that the university failed to implement the recommendations of two successive committees shows that the administration does not want to safeguard the interests of students from marginalized sections or the student community in general,” said S Harinath, a student leader.

The university has also failed to implement Pavarala committee’s recommendation to set up doctoral committees in all the science schools.

Alarmingly, the committee headed by Prof V Krishna, recommended that the “concern” of university teachers and administration for the welfare of students should be “transformed into something more concrete and viable as an institutional virtue.”

Prof Krishna committee recommended that “active and effective systems of mentoring students, at all levels, would have to be considered by the university.” The committee had recommended the setting up of a, “single window redressal cell for all student-related enquiries and information needs to be established in the university administration building.”

Meanwhile, Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, the vice-chancellor of the university, in a written note admitted to the systemic failure of the varsity in addressing issue of suicides on campus. Responding to protests following the death of Venkatesh, the university administration, in a written assurance, said it would implement recommendations of the two panels by November 29.

The vice-chancellor also gave an assurance that a committee will be set up on Monday to probe into the death of Venkatesh. “The committee will submit its report on November 26 and its recommendations will be followed,” the VC assured in writing. The VC has also promised that each of the departments will have to give a list of students who have not been assigned guides three months after joining PhD. He also assured that if the committee finds any one responsible for the death of Venkatesh, appropriate action will be taken against them.

Meanwhile, recommendations of the panel which probed the death of an Integrated MA student, P Raju, will be tabled in the executive council meeting on Nov 27.

The following is the coverage from Hans India English Daily on the suicide of Mr Venkatesh Madari. (accessed on November 25, 2013).

Courtesy &/ Source: UoH ignored panel recommendations (accessed on November 25, 2013).

Hans India on M Venkatesh Suicide
Hans India on M Venkatesh Suicide
Hans India on M Venkatesh Suicide 2
Hans India on M Venkatesh Suicide 2





BSF & ABVP Responses Towards Jhansi Lakshmi Bai and Jalkari Bai

In the recent past there a kind of sensational news, which hit the media across the Indian nation; that the famous Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, who was elevated to the stature of a great freedom fighter against the British colonial regime in the 1857 First War of Indian Independence was a falsified. This falsification asserted that Jhansi Laksmi Bai failed to fight against the British soldiers heroically, but, on her behalf her associated female solider fought the British forces in guise of her appearance, whose name was traced as ‘Jalkari Bai’.

There was a jubilant response to this from the dimension from the subaltern sections, especially by the Bahujan Students’ Front (BSF) at University of Hyderabad, as it was claimed that the Jalkari Bai hailed from the lower sections of the Indian society, whose identity was suppressed by the Brahminic hegemonic society, as per their asserted conception. This assertive can be observed from the below poster.

BSF on Jhansi Lakshmi Bai & Jalkari Bai
BSF on Jhansi Lakshmi Bai & Jalkari Bai


The ABVP’s counter silent response to this BSF poster was as follows.

UoH ABVP Response to BSF
UoH ABVP Response to BSF