The book Telangana-Andhra: Castes, Regions and Politic in Andhra Pradesh by Dr. Inukonda Thirumali, Senior Fellow, ICSSR is an attempt to present the historical reasons for regional stand-off between Andhra and Telangana. The book gives reasons for the signing of Gentlemen’s Agreement that consequently, in his opinion, widened the gulf between the regions. It also establishes the unjust nature of democracy by the faction ridden Congress of Andhra that has maintained regional differences further. The book also discusses the functioning of democracy and dwells on social marginalization and political exclusion of Telangana lower classes. This mass involvement in the movement would continue the struggle on long-term basis. However the leadership is in the hands of Telangana regional elite making the lower classes to suspect them. The movement continues, the author predicts, provided this internal conflict is amicably resolved. The author makes a comprehensive statement on the silence the Muslims observe on linguistic state as well as on the possible Telangana state. The book also gives reasons for rise of smaller states and why the Centre maintains apathy.

April 13, 2013 4:30 PM Saturday at Lamakaan, Road No.1 Banjara Hills, near Vengala Rao park.

Speakers: Justice M.N. Rao, Prof. K. Muralimanohar, Prof. Bhukya Bhagya, Jahir Ali Khan, Tankasala Ashok, Dr. Gautam Pingle and others.


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