ASA at UoH Celebrates Jyotirao Phule Birth Anniversary

Dr B R Ambedkar Students’ Association at University of Hyderabad released the following poster on the occasion of Dr B R Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary and gave a call to join it for cake cutting ceremony on the Campus. Please see the below poster for full details.

ASA UoH Jyotirao Birth Day Celebration
ASA UoH Jyotirao Birth Day Celebration

Prolonged Agitation at the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad

EFLU 27 April, 2013
EFLU 27 April, 2013

Different student organisations at the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad have been agitating intensely in the recent past. The present poster depicts one of its kind in this respect. EFLU agitation/s is bringing new frontiers of analysis in the realm of student politics, which has been relatively calm over the years, since its inception as CIEFL, its former avatar.

Book Release of ‘Telangana-Andhra: Castes, Religions and Politics in Andhra Pradesh’

The book Telangana-Andhra: Castes, Regions and Politic in Andhra Pradesh by Dr. Inukonda Thirumali, Senior Fellow, ICSSR is an attempt to present the historical reasons for regional stand-off between Andhra and Telangana. The book gives reasons for the signing of Gentlemen’s Agreement that consequently, in his opinion, widened the gulf between the regions. It also establishes the unjust nature of democracy by the faction ridden Congress of Andhra that has maintained regional differences further. The book also discusses the functioning of democracy and dwells on social marginalization and political exclusion of Telangana lower classes. This mass involvement in the movement would continue the struggle on long-term basis. However the leadership is in the hands of Telangana regional elite making the lower classes to suspect them. The movement continues, the author predicts, provided this internal conflict is amicably resolved. The author makes a comprehensive statement on the silence the Muslims observe on linguistic state as well as on the possible Telangana state. The book also gives reasons for rise of smaller states and why the Centre maintains apathy.

April 13, 2013 4:30 PM Saturday at Lamakaan, Road No.1 Banjara Hills, near Vengala Rao park.

Speakers: Justice M.N. Rao, Prof. K. Muralimanohar, Prof. Bhukya Bhagya, Jahir Ali Khan, Tankasala Ashok, Dr. Gautam Pingle and others.


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Self Proclamations about UoH NRS Mess Quality

Some few days back I’ve come across a strange poster only at University of Hyderabad – Shopping Complex – State Bank of India ATM center. The poster proclaimed that the quality mess of the Research Scholars Hostel (NRS) has been paralyzed over the years, but the present condition of it improved a lot.  The credentials of the persons/organisation, who/which released this poster is uncertain, but, it is easily guessed towards a particular dalit student organisation, which has been carving to hold its sway at NRS administration over the past few years, ‘by all possible democratic means’, to the best of its ability, by repeatedly trying to capture the annual committee positions of the Hostel, even by threatening others not to contest against them!! But, the most sarcastic thing in this whole episode is, why this poster was released only at ATM Center, but not at the particular NRS hostel and at other junctions of the Campus – is this due to lack of confidence at their proclaimed improvement of quality in mess??  Anyhow, personally, I disregard this kind of tactics of the persons/organisation involved in this activity. The quality of the NRS Mess has to get improved a lot more – as an inmate of the same hostel, I put forward this observation publicly. q

This particular poster, which was released at Shopping Complex ATM Center is as follows;

Improvement of NRS Mess Quality??
Improvement of NRS Mess Quality??