2013 Sentil-Balraj Cricket Match at University of Hyderabad

For the past few years the Students’ Union of the University of Hyderabad had been organising Sentil-Balraj Cricket Match. This is the outcome of an  electoral alliance between the Students’ Federation of India (SFI) & Dr B R Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) for the annual Students’ Union election, which continued initially for about two years, if I’m right. Please observe the below posters for 2012-2013 Match details…



















Students’ Union of the University of Hyderabad notification for the Sentil-Balraj’s Cricket Night Cup.

Organising Committee of the Cup...
Organising Committee of the Cup…
Inaugural Session of the Cup...
Inaugural Session of the Cup…
Students' Union Cultural Secretary and Sports Secretary objections (demand to name Sentil-Balraj Knight Cup as Sentil-Balraj-Chandramouli Knight Cup
The Cultural and Sports Secretaries of the Students’ Union, who represents ABVP objections over their other Students’ Union members, who are from SFI. One of the notable point made here is their intention to (re)name this Knight Cup as ‘Sentil-Balraj-Chandramouli’s Knight Cup’. Both Sentil-Balraj are projected as the victims of Caste discrimination at UoH and hence this Cup is named after both of them. But, Chandramouli, who seems to be from upper caste recently died due to prolonged ill-health. So, this demand seems to be some what mismatching!! 
Students' Union President and General Secretary Clarification over Cultural and Sports Secretaries Poster
Students’ Union President and General Secretary Clarification over Cultural and Sports Secretaries Poster i.e. the above poster. 







National Teacher’s Day Celebration at University of Hyderabad

The Bahujan Students’ Front (BSF), University of Hyderabad had been highlighting National Teachers Day, on the occasion of Mrs Savitri Bai Phule’s Birth Day, as she was instrumental along with her husband in imparting education to the subaltern sections of India. In fact, Savitri Bai’s Birth Day is declared as National Teachers Day. The below is the poster released by the BSF in January, 2013 at UoH on this occasion. Every year BSF is releasing this kind of poster.

BSF's Poster on National Teacher's Day...
BSF’s Poster on National Teacher’s Day…

Mr Katti Kalyan on the ‘Plight of Women’

The First President of the Dalit Students’ Union (DSU), University of Hyderabad Mr Katti Kalyan put forwarded his opinion on the recent debate over the Plight of Women in the wake to recent Delhi Gang Rape of a Physiotherapy Student. His view/s can be observed from the following write-up.

Mr Katti Kalyan
Mr Katti Kalyan on the Plight of Women..Page One
Katti Kalyan on the Plight of Women...Page Two
Katti Kalyan on the Plight of Women…Page Two.

Dr Veena Das on ‘Politics of the Urban Poor’

Prof Veena Das, one of the well known Social Anthropologist delivered a Lecture on ‘Politics of the Urban Poor’, at University of Hyderabad on January 11, 2012 at DST Auditorum on the Campus. Though, she was supposed to deliver her Lecture at C V Raman Auditorium, due to rush of many students’ and faculty and lack of accomodative space, at the last movement, Vice Chancellor Prof Ramakrishna Ramaswamy shifted the venue to DST Auditorium.

The Poster, which was released by the University for this occasion is here: Veena Das on ‘Politics of the Urban Poor’.

‘Shudra: The Rising’ Screening at University of Hyderabad

'Shudra: The Rising' Screening at University of Hyderabad

The 2012-2013 Students’ Union is represented by Students’ Federation of India (SFI) & Akhil Bharatiy Vidharthi Parishad (ABVP) at University of Hyderabad. SFI went alone in the elections without any alliance with Dalit-Bahujan organisations, especially with ASA, with which it had previous electoral alliance, and won some key posts.

The present poster is released by the SFI Students’ Union office bearers (President and General Secretary) for a screening of Dalit-Bahujan perspective movie ‘Shudra-The Rising’. This step seems to be in the process of strengthening of vote among the subaltern, which is highly polarised, and whose vote bank, it is lacking.

And, interestingly, this kind of activity should be undertaken by the Cultural Secretary, but the President and General Secretary have released this poster. The simple reason for this is: the present Cultural Secretary hails from ABVP, and there is lack of cooperation between these two sections (SFI & ABVP) to coordinate and carry-out the activities, due to their rival political platforms!!