Mr Manda Krishna Madiga, Founder President of the Madiga Reservation Poratha Samith (MRPS), Andhra Pradesh, had been undertaking various issues apart from Scheduled Castes Reservation Categorization issue in Andhra Pradesh. In this process, he also undertook an agitation on ‘injustice to the old aged persons in the distribution of pensions by the Andhra Pradesh Congress Government’. His point was, that the Government of Andhra Pradesh, which is headed by the Congress Party was misguiding the old aged people, without properly distributing them their due old age pension. His strong pitch was for distribution of old age pension, which is also offered by the Indian Central Government, and enhance the offered the old age pension as per various guidelines. In other words, he made it clear that the Government of Andhra Pradesh is distributing only its due share of Old Age Pension, but not the same granted by the Indian Central Government!! In order to get Central Government’s offered pension also to the eligible persons, in addition to the already extended State Government’s Old Age pension, he undertook State wide tour to sensitive the old age people on this issue. In this process, he came to Guntur City in October, 2012 and held a meeting at the local Lodge Center, under the MRPS banner itself. MRPS people participated in good number, and other non-Madiga community persons seemed to be participated in good number. The following picture pertains to this meet;

Mr Manda Krishna Madiga addressing the gathering at Lodge Center, Guntur
Mr Manda Krishna Madiga addressing the gathering at Lodge Center, Guntur

Following his own style of oration; he made attempts to convince the gathering how the Andhra Pradesh Congress Government since 2004 had been misguiding the old age persons in this respect. In support of his argument, he put forwarded some documentary evidences.

He came to Guntur in a special vehicle (van), which is specially re-designed for his State wide trip on this issue. After this meeting, the next day, he announced there itself, that he would be participating in the similar kind of meetings at Tenali and Mangalagiri regions of the Gutnur District, the next day, and then head to the Krishna District.

He declared that he wished to organize a big meeting at Hyderabad in November, 2012 over this issue, and question the government over this injustice to the old age persons pension. So, he appealed to the gathering to come to Hyderabad in November, 2012 in good number, and get their right/s recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh under his leadership. He also critised the Opposition Party Telugu Desam for failing to under-take this genuine issue and get the justice done to the masses!!


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