Dr B R Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA), University of Hyderabad is changing its political discourse in various aspects. Of course, there is no great/special in this. But, there should always be some analysis from the changing natures, if not, one may misunderstand in various ways.


This is the  Poster released by Dr B R Ambedkar Students’ Association on the University of Hyderabad Campus on 26 August, 2012 night.

Usually at University of Hyderabad every crucial aspects like Non-Implementation of Reservation Guidelines, etc, which are concerned to the wider Dalit-Bahujan community, either on the Campus or outside the Campus are carried out by almost all the Dalit-Bahujan based student organisations. But, this time, this crucial aspect has been taken up by ASA on its own. This is due to various reasons.

The best reason for this is; ASA seems to be feeling uneasy to join with other student organisations. But, during the last Students’ Union election held in 2012 ASA lost power, as it had no trust worthy electoral partner, even from the Dalit-Bahujan based Student organisations. In other effective words, there is no other Student organisation willing to align heart-fully with ASA!!


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