International Conference on ‘Grassroot Social Development’

Due to various historical factors like caste; Education is a privileged aspect in India, as it was denied for substantial subaltern sections. But, again due to various other intervening historical factors, like advent of foreign British rule, etc, the same sector was widely opened for the excluded subaltern sections. Even-then, there are varying patterns of potential gulf among different sections of our society, especially on categories like upper caste versus lower castes and their continued gulf in various forms. The present paper traces out the Subaltern student organizations activism at University of Hyderabad and analysis their activism under two primary categories; Subaltern Student Organizations versus Other Student Organizations on the one side; and existing ideological differences among different Subaltern organizations on the other side. Finally, concludes by observing that the raising educational attainments and presence of the subaltern students at higher levels of educational institutions and their activism through different subaltern student organizations are exposing the existing heterogeneous nature among them, while they perceive the predominated upper caste organizations as a common political and ideological threat. This existing and strengthening gulf (between upper castes versus subaltern) is bringing new frontier to the grassroots of social development and democratic aspirations.

Key words: Subaltern, University of Hyderabad, Student Organizations.

The above paper is accepted for presentation on the sidelines of the International Conference on ‘Grassroots Social Development’, organised by University of Calicut and Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Youth Development, from February 4-6, 2013.


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