The word ‘Social Justice…’ is an idealist term; for many practical reasons. Human Beings notions and perceptions of Justice, equality, etc constantly varies with the passage of time. But, these notions get the recognition of State, when State acknowledges authoritatively certain notions for better standards of living. Usually, such recognition takes place due to prolonged demands and activism for better extension of Rights to the subjects.

The Madigas of Andhra Pradesh, one of the predominant sections of Scheduled Castes of India has been waging a long struggle since early 1900’s for better recognition and extension of Rights, within the Untouchable category, i.e. from the times of Madras Presidency during British India regime. The Madigas demand was to recognize the heterogeneous nature of the Untouchables and extend benefits accordingly. Genealogically the struggle of Madigas has been continuing from the times of L C Guruswamy to the present Madgia Reservation Poratha Samithi (MRPS), demanding to implement Justice to them properly, and critics well acknowledged their struggle as a path breaking one among many of the significant social movements of contemporary world; especially Madigas agitation gave a good inspiration to the other sections of marginalized communities like Lambadas, etc.

Many persons imbibed the notion of ‘Social Justice…’ or the voice of ‘Equitable Distribution of Resources/opportunities’ in a positive mode, like the instances of above mentioned ones, especially due to the influence of Madigas movement. But, there are some persons who turned this positive notion either intentionally or unintentionally in wrong sense by Romanticizing it for their deserved benefits. There are two prominent persons as per my personal observation who had been Romanticizing this ‘Social Justice…’, either for their personal popularity or for academic sustenance or for – to impress others about their genuine thoughts, etc and to make others to believe them about their honesty and commitment for Social Justice and need for the Democratization of the Society, especially in India. I came to know about these two persons, while I started to associate with the Dalit Students’ Union at University of Hyderabad.

The first incident of observance of Romanticism of Social Justice took place during the early days of starting of the academic year 2006; at the Shopping Complex of University of Hyderabad. The person who Romanticized Social Justice, which he imbibed from the Madiga Movement was one of the prominent persons in Dalit Students’ Union on the University Campus. In fact, he continued in that prominent position for a sustained duration. One fine evening at the Shopping Complex, this prominent person of DSU, started to preach to another person of DSU to Love and Marry Madiga Sub-Caste women, instead of loving and marrying upper caste women. The response from the opposite active listener in a jovial manner was that they can marry, but, the Madiga Sub Caste women are not getting proper good education; so how can they marry??? When this entire conversation was taking place, I was with them only, but, observing their conversation as an (active) passive listener. One can easily understand that for heart, especially during times like love and marriage to choose on social justice lines is impossible. Heart and Mind chooses the opposite gender for sharing of life on various dimensions, but not on the lines advocated by the prominent person of DSU in the present context!! Heart and Mind chooses many parameters – for choosing of Life Partner, like prominently Beauty (of course both inward and outward basing on the type of individual to choose), and other parameters like education, compactability between the two in living relationship, etc. I was particularly sure that the prominent person of DSU, who was advocating Social Justice for marrying Sub Caste ladies of Madigas was just talking stupidly in-order to project himself as an intellectual and to get good marks in front of others by projecting himself how well he imbibed the notions of Social Justice…advocated by the Madiga movement!! My observation proved to be right within a few months. This prominent DSU advocator of Social Justice (in marriage) after a few months of starting 2007 fell in love with a Mala lady and subsequently though informed to the both side parents, unable to get married due to various practical reasons. The sarcastic thing in this entire episode is; though this DSU (Madiga) prominent person advocated to love and marry Madiga Sub Caste women for Social Justice reasons; he failed to follow the same when his turn came!! He fell in love with a Mala woman. Malas are a step ahead of Madigas within the Scheduled Caste categories!!

The other much more prominent person, who is well known for his academic inclination and online activism towards Social Justice and Democratization (especially of the Indian Public Sphere), is a good cheater in personal life on many fronts. Even-though he was a Madiga Student at University of Hyderabad for some duration, coming from a poor background (as an orphan), he never associated with Madiga’s platform DSU. But, his academic specialization and whole life activity surrounds around talking of (In)-Justice and need for Democratization of Indian Society, especially in relation to the Madigas, etc.  By removing his mustache, applying cosmetics and clothing in a gentle manner, always lenses upon others in the wider society to exploit (in negative mode) for his personal benefit, especially for personal financial empowerment. With his appearance as a genuine gentleman and with his words of Social Justice and need for Democratization of Indian Society, he always eyes on others to attract.  I had observed closely and silently many of his cheats in this manner during the last few years, even cheating of women on marriage lines too for his financial empowerment. There is no end for his desire for financial empowerment on wrong fronts, by cheating others. So, as an orphan and as a person who imbibed well the concept of ‘Social Justice…’ learned to market social justice in words and writings, without genuine commitment towards the same!!!

On the whole, I’ve observed the concept of Social Justice advocated by the Madiga movement in positive mode. But, same time there are also others who are adopting the concept of Social Justice in the above two enlisted forms!!! The first narrated incident is not much dangerous to the society, when compared to the second one.


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