Christianity is one of the highly polarized religion in the entire world; on many aspects like region, ethnicity, denominations, etc. This kind of same polarization can also be observed in India. At University of Hyderabad too Christianity is highly polarized – notably there are three Protestant Christian denominations operating on the Campus; one is Evangelical Students’, second is North East/Naga Students Christian Fellowship and the third is HCU Friends. Among these three, I was told, that Evangelical Students’ group is the oldest and this organisations organizes Sunday prayer service on the Campus itself, as it had a tie up with a local Church. Some of the Christians go out of Campus too to visit their preferred denominations and take part in the Prayer services, etc, but, the students’ who are unable to go out of Campus takes part every Sunday in the Prayer service extended by the Evangelical Students’. In fact, Evangelical Students’ activity continues very vigorously on the Campus, almost every day prayer services takes place in one hostel or the other, especially in the evenings. And, in various other modes too like special meetings on the occasions of Christmas, etc.

HCU Friends is also another Christian organisation. This organisation doesn’t organize any prayer service prominently on Sundays. But, it conducts separate prayer services in the hostels, and organizes separate meetings on some special occasions like; Good Friday, Christmas, Valentines Day (Indirectly denounces this earth’s loves and propagates that Lords love is the ultimate!!), etc.

Most of the observes doesn’t know that there is a caste dimension between these two – Evangelical Students’ and HUC Friends platforms. If one carefully observes at these two organisations – they are lead by two separate prominent Scheduled Castes of Andhra Pradesh, i.e. Madiga and Mala respectively, though openly such differences were not shown!!

And, Christian activism on regional dimension can also be prominently observed by having a separate look at the activities of North East Students’/Naga Students’. Campus community very well knows that the Naga Students’/North East Students’ continues vigorously their Christian religious fervor at many parts of the Campus. But, presently, I humbly express my inability to confirm you whether it is by the whole of  North East/only by a particular state persons like Naga’s, etc.


This picture is taken from the archival source of Dalit Students’ Union (DSU) of University of Hyderabad, and this picture is depicting that a Freshers Party was organised by the Evangelical Students’; and for this occasion this paper sheet comprising of songs were distributed.

As per my strong memory this programme was organised at Dr B R Ambedkar Auditorium on the Campus.


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