I took admission for M.A., Political Science course at University of Hyderabad in July, 2006. After a few months Students’ Union elections was held at University. It was a huge interest for me to observe this ritual, for the first time in my life.

When I was actively associated with the Dalit Students’ Union (DSU), at University, I was in possession of some of the most relavent documents of the University, pertaining to various aspects. To my interest and surprise I found the documents relating to 2006-2007 Students’ Union election too!! I recognized the value of those archives for the generations to come. So, as I was in possession of a digital camera, I took shots of most of the archives available with DSU. Presently, I wish to share some documents relating to the 2006-2007; with due acknowledges to Dalit Students’ Union (DSU).



This picture pertains to University Discussion Forum (UDF), which converted to SFI within a few months after completion of the present election. This is side one of the poster/pamphlet; depicting UDF’s ideological inclination from the perspective of Rabindranath Tagore and its panel for election, requesting to cast vote to them.


This is side two of the above pamphlet, informing to the University students voters about its manifesto.


This is another pamphlet released by the UDF informing about its achievements in the previous year’s Students’ Union tenure, which was won by it. This is side one of the pamphlet.


This is continuation of the above pamphlet…


This is altogether different pamphlet released by the UDF, when compared to the above pamphlets…



This is a significant independent section, which contested 2006-2007 election, by breaking away from UDF on charges of corruption during 2005-2006 Students’ Union tenure, which was basically lead by UDF/its panel. This independent group was popularly regarded as a Rebel UDF panel, by the Campus community during this time. The present picture pertains to the members who were contesting in the election. This is side one of the poster.


This is side two of the independent panel pamphlet explaining its manifesto.


This is side three (and last side) of the above independent panel.



This is also an independent candidates pamphlet…


This is also pamphlet of another independent candidates poster…


This is the copy of the contestants for the 2006-2007 Students’ Union Election released by the Election Commission. Page one..

Page two… continuation of the details of contestants.

page three… Details of the School Board Members election, who got successfully elected.


This pictures explains partially about the contestants to various positions and votes polled in favor of them during 2006-2007 Students’ Union election.

Source: Source of all pictures is DSU archives.


The result of the election was much interesting. UDF had an alliance with Dr B R Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) and Dalit Students’ Union (DSU). This alliance had been continuing for the past few years. And, as part of this alliance agreement ASA was offered President post for 2006-2007. Usually, dalits were given low category posts every year and major posts were taken over by UDF, which was basically dominated by the upper castes, though proclaiming to be progressive on the lines of left ideology.

And, DSU was offered Cultural Secretary post. On behalf of DSU Mr Harinadh Siluveru was fielded to contest and he was successful. In fact, Mr Harinadh contested in the previous year’s election too and won as Sports Secretary!!

In the final outcome, ASA’s Presidential candidate Mr Ramesh Babu Para lost to ABVP candidate Mr Venkataramaiah. But, UDF Panel (which included ASA and DSU) was able to bag all other posts, expect this post.

In fact, this election was a big revolutionary step in the History of University. For the first time a Dalit (Scheduled Caste Mala Community person of Andhra Pradesh was fielded to the Presidential post, who was a prime associate of  ASA, though lost). The defeat of Mr Ramesh Babu Para was analysed in various ways; some alleged that UDF members themselves did not cast their vote to a dalit candidate – some others argued and believed that neutral voters expressed dislike towards the candidature of a Dalit or towards ASA’s candidature, etc.

The most remarkable memory in this entire election process, at least for me was the – Open Dias session at DST auditorium – 48 hours ahead of the election!! Huge contestation took place between the candidates in the form of asking (troublesome) questions to the contestants, intense war like situation prevailed between the UDF  panel (UDF, ASA & DSU) on the one side and ABVP panel on the other side. This contestation exploded much when last time of the presentation of the Ramesh Babu tenure came. ABVP cadre, especially women made various gender allegations against Mr Ramesh Babu. But, in my observation, Mr Ramesh Babu failed to counter those allegations effectively!!

And, after the election, when the time for discharging of responsibilities came; there was political differences and non-cooperation among the Students’ Union candidates on political grounds, especially on the lines of ABVP versus UDF/ or ABVP versus left and Dalits, etc. Whenever the situation suited Mr Venkataramaiah (who won the on behalf of ABVP), the President for 2006-2007 was troubled by the UDF and other opponent section/s.  

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