Bahujan Students’ Front (BSF), as a Student organisation started to emerge on the University of Hyderabad Campus since 2006-2007 in a shadow way, without revealing identity of the persons who were masterminding the platform. From the academic year 2007-2008, it made attempts to be successful, but, from the academic year 2010-2011 only it started to work in a formal way and that too with much more confidence. The Telangana agitation movement of 2009 gave great push and confidence to BSF, as per most of the critical observers, to build cadre. Thus, it is clear, that most of its cadre came from the Telagana region of Andhra Pradesh.

The following pictures were captured during starting of 2011-2012 academic year at UoH. These pictures indicate the vigor of the BSF, which in my view was lacked by other co-Dalit student organisations at UoH; Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) & Dalit Students’ Union (DSU). In-fact, the working style of BSF thrown a short-term threat to the above two well established organisations, but they were able to sustain well, due to many factors, like by attempting to adjust to the vigor of the BSF, as they had well established cadre based on their respective castes, etc. Presently, BSF is seen temporarily as a failed platform. Because, its aim of being a platform for ‘All India SC/ST/OBC/Religious Minorities’ became practically unrealistic!!


This picture indicates that the BSF cadre named the junction at DST Auditorium on the Campus as Samata Circle!!



The second and third pictures were also captured from the DST Auditorium junction and they show how BSF is stressing the unwritten History of India from Dalit-Bahujan or anti Brahman perspective; highlighting the reason behind the celebration of Holi Festival in India, from their Dalit Bahujan perspective!!

Certainly, these writings will fade way with the passage of time. But, how the vigor of the BSF and others who are igniting themselves with the Dalit-Bahujan ideology will take shape in future India, when they enter to become part of the wider society after completion of their academics??


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