Leadership Crisis of TDP From NTR Times to Present 

On 20 June, 2012 I posted here a post on ‘Telugu Desam Party and Leadership Crisis’; which covered present leadership crisis of the TDP under Nara Chandrababu Naidu President-ship. After this post, I read two books; ‘NRTtoo Nenu’ and ‘The Other Side of the Truth: A Journey into the Past’, by H J Dora and Dr Venkateswara Rao Dagubati respectively, and the reviews of these books were also presented here. After reading these books, I observed how TDP had suffered from leadership crisis since its establishment!!

The first leadership crisis TDP faced was on account of political coup by Mr Nadendla Baskara Rao, who became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, with the active support of Congress Party. But, somehow, NTR was able to keep his Chief Ministerial position from Nadendla Baskara Rao, by making him not to get required MLA’s support. In fact, Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu was the main person behind in hiding MLA’s from Nadendla Baskara Rao at that point of time, on behalf of Mr NTR, who was away in USA on health grounds. Later on too, the TDP leaders were not satisfied with the working style of Mr NTR in various occasions, but, they remained mute spectators. NTR used to behave in autocratic way and take decisions in haste, without taking into consideration political equations. He wished to surprise others with his decisions, but, plunged into troubles many a times; but, later-on was able to get out of mess, due to other causes. At some point of time, he went for elections by dissolving the State Assembly; without presenting earlier information to the cabinet colloquies. And, at some other point of time he dismissed the full cabinet and continued as Chief Minister for a few days and appointed totally new persons as Ministers, who lacked complete administrative experience. All this kind of behavior made party leaders annoy of him. As a result, TDP lost power to Congress Party during 1989 elections, if I remember well.

Though TDP came to power in 1994, the discontent of TDP leaders on NTR was so strong, due to previous instances and other reasons; persons like Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu exploited the situation and occupied the position of Chief Minister!! But, presently, even Mr Chandrababu Naidu leadership is also in crisis. Thus, both the leaders of TDP since its establishment had been partly successful as leaders!! Mr NTR was able to enjoy leadership of Party due to his cine popularity and as himself launched the party; but, Mr Chandrababu Naidu is able to enjoy the presidential position, by taking the support of the NTR family members, by projecting himself well in the media, and by attempting to drop all the persons whom he perceived as potential threat to his position, etc!!

Thus, TDP had been not having satisfactory leadership since its established year, but, able to sustain in democratic political process till now, as there are no other principal opponent political parties!!


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