Book Review of ‘NTRtoo Neenu’

H J Dora, NTRtoo Nennu (Telugu), Hyderabad, Emesco Books, 2011, 189 pp, Rs. 90/-.

This book is written is by the former Indian Police Service (IPS) cadre officer Mr H J Dora, who served in various key positions in the Police service of Andhra Pradesh, after his retirement. Mr Dora occupied various positions in the Andhra Pradesh State like Superintend of Police, Intelligence Head, Director General of Police, etc, and had been close to various politicians, etc. In this book, he chose to document his experiences with the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR), who also happened to be the Founder of successful Telugu Desam Party (TDP), in the Andhra Pradesh politics, which also played a crucial role in the National politics as a constituent partner of the National Front, etc.

Mr Dora chose to document primarily his experiences with the NTR Chief Ministerial regime, which started during 1980’s starting with the launch of TDP, but, Dora had previous interactions, perhaps a bit close prior to the launch of TDP with NTR. Though the title indicates that the book illustrates his association with NTR, and can guess that the book illustrates the TDP history; the readers can also observe various political dimensions in isolation to TDP, but, which are part of larger Indian political system.

The books attempts to praise NTR – his actions, decisions, personality, etc, with superlatives, narrations, etc, to most possible extent, directly; but, indirectly too the book attempts to convey how stupid Mr NTR in various ways!!! This indicates that Mr Dora had not exercised his writing ability in full-fledged manner, to present an honest picture. A kind of undue romanticism encapsulated to Romanize to most possible extent of many pages the behavior of NTR.

This is a very interesting book for various sections of society both professionals (like researchers, politicians, media professionals, bureaucrats, etc) and lay readers to go through the interesting pages, which reveals many aspects to the best knowledge of Mr Dora. While going through the pages, it would be better to ignore the praises and undue narrations of NTR personality and concentrate upon the issues in analytical way. The decade of 1980’s in relation to TDP and NTR on one side and the Indian National Politics on the other side is presented in an interesting way.


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