Due to the prevalence of the caste system in India, education was selectively offered, especially to the upper castes and the monopoly of the Brahmins was clearly visible throughout the Indian History. Slowly, the hegemony of the Brahmins got set back with the emergence of middle castes to prominence and acquisition of education. In the Indian Brahmin centered education system; a Brahmin usually imparts education to the upper caste sections, like Kshytriyas in an isolated place, when full fledged reverence towards him, like a religious Seer is shown. Modern education system is completely against to this system of ancient imparting style of knowledge and education. But, the Brahmins are following the same ancient style of imparting education, in the present day also in some of the traditional fine art programmes, like classical dance and music. Traditional fine arts like classical dance and classical music are under the hegemonic control of the Brahmins only, even today. These fine arts were never properly imparted to the other social sections, which do not recognize their hegemony. As a result the other religious/social sections in this category (classical or fine arts) are almost invisible, especially in learning and imparting positions.

The Hindutva sections advocate that the Indians should admire and propagate the Indian Culture, admire Indian Forms in every aspect. But, in practice their behavior and actions are against to this spirit. The upper caste sections like the Brahmins are not ready to change their mindset and impart knowledge to the other section of the society, especially like the forms of fine arts – classical music and dance. The religious minorities are also not interested to learn the classical forms of dance and music which are usually imparted only in Hindu mythological styles. The classical forms were not secularized; in fact Brahmins are not willing to secularize those forms. As a result, those arts are on the verge of diminish and likely to vanish from the public realm in due course of time.

Proper socializations of different cultural, social and religious sections never took place in desired and required form in our society. As a result enmity among different sections can be observed in various forms. Hindu religion dominated by the Brahmins, being the predominant force in our society never seemed to have taken proper steps to adjust with the mainstream sections to order to establish harmony. Hindu religion always seen the other social groups/religions as a threat to its existence. Brahmins took temporal steps to effectively combat such short comings, but resulted in vain. Movements like Bhakti movement was started as an accommodative strategy, but, it too got failed miserably. Fundamental changes never took place within the fold of the Brahminic style; like leaving the practice of untouchability, socializing properly with the other social groups, etc. In this respect only, we can also observe that the Brahmins never liberalized their teaching styles also. For example, the Brahmins made it compulsory to bow before Nataraj Statue/Idol in order to learn arts from them, like the present ones, which we are talking – Classical dance and music. The other religious sections and social groups have objections to bow before idol/s. As a result of this stumbling block the fine arts not reaching to the desired destinations or desired levels of propagation and promotion. Brahmins should change their mind set to some extent and if they are genuine towards the protection and promotion of fine arts – dance and music, they should liberalize themselves and make others to learn these forms.  

In the present case; I regard Brahmins as the first responsible for lack of proper propagation and promotion of the fine/classical arts. If they take some steps towards liberalizing their styles for the promotion and propagation of fine/classical arts, then we can also expect the other social/religious sections too come down a few steps and learn these forms. This is how secularization and establishing of harmony takes place. But, when this will happen?


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